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#3188: OAS EOM Press release (fwd)

From: Mary Durran <durranmary@hotmail.com>

Organization of American States
Electoral Observation Mission in Haiti

Press Release – 9 April 2000

Informal Translation

For further information: Mary Durran 509 511 5690 /4030219 (within Haiti)

The OAS Electoral Observation Mission categorically condemns the criminal 
arson attack which destroyed the headquarters last Saturday of the Space for 
Concord (Espace de Concertation) coalition in Bois Verna.  The Mission 
expresses its grave concern over the turn of events which led to this 
targeted broad daylight attack against one of the main political groupings, 
unhindered by the police.

This reprehensible crime, committed in the midst of the electoral campaign, 
is unacceptable in a state of rule of law, and its perpetrators and their 
backers must be brought to justice.

The Mission also denounces the aggressive incident shortly afterwards at 
Radio Vision 2000, reinforcing the recent threats against the radio’s 
journalists.  The Mission is seriously concerned about and categorically 
condemns threats against members of political parties and activists in the 
democratic movements for  social change.

The Electoral Observation Mission calls again on political party leaders to 
categorically and publicly reject all forms of violence, including threats, 
and in so doing send a message to their supporters that such violent acts 
are unacceptable the world over.   The Mission urges political parties to 
respect the commitments made in the Ethical Code regarding non-violence 
during the electoral period.

The Mission urges the Government and political parties to quickly find a 
consensus on the organization of elections in order to calm tensions and 
promote an end to the recent wave of violence.

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