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#3197: Letter to the editor: An addendum


PS to Jepiem --

Excising the abusive politicians could be compared to surgically removing a 
cancer from the human body. Some cancers are operable and some are not. 
Cancer is not always a simple tumor that has attached itself onto an organ -- 
sometimes the cancer has taken over the cells of the very organ itself, and 
the organ IS the cancer. Removing it means removing the organ -- sometimes 
possible, and sometimes not without remarkable danger, and sometimes not 
possible at all. (A friend of mine has a tumor in the side of his head that 
involves the facial nerve. Surgery would mean excising the part of the nerve 
that is now the tumor. His face would then be paralyzed. As the tumor may not 
be cancerous, the doctors recommend leaving it in place... maybe a treatment 
will be found for it? Maybe even if it turns cancerous a treatment will be 
found?) What is the treatment for Haiti???

Nancy Laleau