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#3210: Letter to the editor: An addendum


Chemotherapy, prayer, I do not really know what the solution is. I was just 
reading Poincy's comments on the situation where he advocates the return to 
some kind of authoritarian rule for Haiti. As much as I am a libertarian 
myself, I cannot help but wonder whether he is not actually right. In fact 
that has been my conclusion all along on following the gradual deterioration 
of everything in Haiti under the so called Democracy. The question is which 
Democracy or whose Democracy. A democracy imposed from the outside by foreign 
powers who are only guided by their own foreign policy or "National Security" 
interest is like a straight jacket under which the country can do nothing but 
stagnate. It is an obvious fact that Haiti does  not have anymore the 
institutions nor the political will to espouse and guarantee that Democracy. 
Just read the reports on the events surrounding the death of Jean Dominique 
if you need any reminder. There are many in Haiti that are hoping for an 
Occupation believe it or not. These are those that have lost all hope. But we 
need all to talk to some of the still living elders who can  tell us what the 
Occupation was really like for the common people. Besides, no country 
occupies another country for that country's interest for one, and for 
another, Haiti is occupied anyway, practically speaking, the rhetoric of the 
local politicians notwithstanding. What is the solution for Haiti? Hopeless 
if you ask me. Aristide was the hope of the masses, back in 1990. Apparently 
he still is for some. However when I look at the goings on and that leaders 
involvement in private self profiting businesses in direct competition with 
services that ought to benefit the general population, and many other goings 
on, I really wonder where one should go to find hope