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#3213: Japan warns Haiti of possible aid suspension (fwd)


Japan warns Haiti of possible aid suspension

.c Kyodo News Service  

TOKYO, April 11 (Kyodo) - Japan on Tuesday cautioned Haiti that it may have 
to suspend its economic aid should there be any further delay in its 
parliamentary and local elections. 

''If the democratization process remains stagnant, and the current worsening 
of security...continues, it is feared that Japan's smooth implementation of 
economic cooperation for Haiti might be hindered,'' Foreign Ministry 
spokesman Ryuichiro Yamazaki said in a statement. 

Yamazaki called it ''indispensable'' for Haiti to gain stability and 
democracy in a bid to reduce poverty and develop its economy. 

Japan ''is concerned'' over Haiti's postponement of elections which had been 
scheduled for Sunday -- the fourth such postponement -- without clarifying a 
new date, Yamazaki said. 

''It is regrettable that, in spite of the various support activities for 
Haiti including election preparations that have been extended so far by the 
international community including Japan, the elections have been repeatedly 
postponed, and the democratization process in the country has been long 
delayed,'' he said. 

''Japan strongly hopes that free and fair elections will be carried out at an 
early date, that the parliament and the local assemblies will have their 
functions restored, and the political situation will be normalized as soon as 
possible,'' Yamazaki said. 

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