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#3240: The Return of the Dark Days - Wilentz replies to Kozyn

From: Amy Wilentz <amywile@panix.com>

Dear John Kozyn:

You tell me how -- exactly -- you know who, exactly, benefits from
Jean's death.

Of course I don't think all Haitian politics is nwa kont wouj: but I
think people set the stage for killings like this by creating a climate
in which a person like Jean is just a little bit more vulnerable -- as
he himself said in responding to the attack on Radio Haiti Inter. Check
it out, John.

Of course I think Jean was speaking out for freedom and democracy in
Haiti. I KNOW he believed in the rights of every Haitian; he would be
the last to talk color, if he weren't sure his enemies were exploiting
HIS color.

By the way, for all interested, I do not think that the lighter-skinned
class in Haiti is the one that has suffered Oppression there.
In case you hadn't noticed over the years...