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#3255: Haiti 123 - April 14, 2000 (fwd)


April 14, 2000

Ten days have passed since the assassination of JEAN DOMINIQUE and the only 
transcript being circulated of any of his editorials is the one he made 
against Dany Toussaint six months ago!  What happened to all the other 
commentaries he made in the past six months or even in the last month in 
which he angrily denounced the current players on the scene as the same 
players who made the 1991 coup d'etat, or massacred peasants or are longtime 
employees of the CIA.  Jean alone loudly and boldly worked to expose those 
folks who the US is still propping up as legitimate voices for the people.  
It is so clear in Haiti that the anti-change sector and their international 
funders are responsible for Jean's death.  Why isn't anyone spending time 
talking about what Jean would want us to be talking about - what Jean died 
for!  Jean stood up against the ELECTORAL COUP D'ETAT and its components - 
the I.R.I., USAID and the like…The foreign press and the Electoral Coup 
d'etat press are busy portraying the president of Chamber of Commerce & 
Industry, OLIVIER NADEL, as having fled Haiti because of death threats.  In 
fact Mr. Nadel is a fugitive from justice as the Haitian government explained 
on March 21st that it has a mandate for Mr. Nadal's arrest regarding an 
inquiry into allegations that he played a key role in the massacre of many 
dozens of peasants in 1990 in Piatre.  During the recent 10th anniversary of 
that massacre many voices were raised demanding that Nadel be brought to 
justice.  Jean was talking about him too…On the same day, March 21st, the 
Minister of Justice also spoke about the Pharval case in which more than 80 
children died from poisoning from 23 locally manufactured pharmaceutical 
products.  Jean was talking against Dr. Boulos too!  Jean went strong on the 
ethanol issue in which Pharval, in violation of Haitian law, was illegally 
using a poisonous chemical to make a commercial version of moonshine at a 
strength that could kill people.  Jean dedicated a full show to go point by 
point on what problems were blocking the Raboteau massacre pre-trial process. 
 After his show the process went smoother and it looks like a trial will 
really happen soon…About the house burned down the day of Jean's funeral, the 
one housing the political party KID and the Espace.  It turns out that Evens 
Paul never paid the landlord any rent for the past fours!  If Evens Paul had 
so much money stashed in the house as he claims he lost in the fire - why 
didn't he do the democratic thing and pay the darn rent?  Back to Jean…we 
must get back to Jean.  Don't let people divert our attention from the 
issues.  It reminds me of the US intervention in 1915 when the US claimed its 
reason for invading was the murder of Sam.  Sounds like Wilentz is preparing 
us for such an intervention again…Another theme running through the US press 
is that the police are out of control.  Wilentz used this as well.  AP then 
said that the police stood by while people burned down the KID/Espace house.  
Well who are the advisors to the police? The mainstream press want us to 
think that Aristide is controlling the police but in fact whenever CIMO and 
the other special units are responding to major events there are blan around 
telling them what do to!  And who do those blan work for?  You've got it 
right - for the U.S.  So I guess they know when it's advantageous to let 
rioters or demonstrators do their thing.  Now back to Wilentz' piece.  Color 
had nothing, nothing, nothing to do with Bob Manuel leaving his post or the 
country.  And who is this other guy who Wilentz is alleging had to leave 
because of his color too?…On to Mike Zarin:  What the heck did he mean about 
Haitians  needing to know about democratic elections??? No one knows more 
about true democratic elections than the 67% of the Haitian voters in the 
presidential elections of 1990 that elected Aristide.  Haitians learned first 
hand that democratic elections can work for them.  Maybe that's why the 
international community is working so hard to prevent democratic elections 
from taking place!