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#3254: Letter to the editor: A response (fwd)


 "Haitians both in Haiti and abroad and foreigners need to band together and 
form a sort of separate non govrnemental organization with a different scope 
than the 
traditional NGOs and take the case of Haiti into their hands. This would 
indeed be the best form of government, being made up of voluntaries."

In response to Jepiem@aol.com:

I agreed with everything you said there until you got to the F-word. Maybe 
you can explain. What exactly do you mean by foreigner? Foreign to whom? If 
it's foreign, from my understanding, then it's an outsider, so "really" not 
really a part of. So Why? I'm confused. Our struggles are our struggles, 
alone. I often wonder why the plight of these well-intentioned "foreigners" 
don't include educating, thereby placating their intrinsic fellow citizens. 
Why do WE always have to be the ones to compromise. Don't get it twisted, I 
know for a fact that a few "foreigners" are sincerely and genuinely 
concerned, however, they can not effectively assist us.  Take heed. We Are 
(not) the World. Wittingly placed, psychological fear looms above. What y'all 
gonna do?

"Revolution is here {Haitians} are you ready?"--Last Poets