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#3273: Sen. Leahy's Spoonerisms (fwd)

From: Tom F. Driver <tfd3@columbia.edu>

Did anyone notice the two howlers in quoted remarks of Senator Patrick 
Leahy (D-Vt.) at the Foreign Operations Subcommittee, March 21, 2000?

In the version I received via Corbett, the senator was quoted as follows:
"Mr. Chairman, this is an excellent time to be examining United States 
policy towards Haiti. ... What has been accomplished in Haiti? Verv little, as 
far as I can tell. ... The judicial system is in disarray, the police are 
politicized, and the average person lies [sic] from hand to mouth."

Oh, my!  How many ways are there to lie?

Later on, introducing Ambassador Steinberg, Sen. Leahy reportedly said:  "If 
anyone is capable of injecting pragmatism and forthrightness into our 
policies in Haiti, it is Don Steinberg and I commend Chairman McConnell for 
inciting [sic] him here to testify."  

It makes you wonder:  How credible is an incited witness?

Tom F. Driver
New York City