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#3275: Are soldiers needed? Goff replies to Driver

From: Stan Goff <stangoff@all4democracy.org>

> It's obvious that such help is needed.  What needs explaining is why it
> soldiers to accomplish it.  If you had an orphanage that needed renovating
> and a medical unit that needed setting up, would you call in soldiers?
> come Klarreich doesn't ask this question?

Because he doesn't want to shine a light into that particular dark little

As a former soldier who worked in Haiti... and El Salvador... and
Guatemala... and Vietnam... and Colombia... and Somalia... and Peru... and
Grenada... and Panama... etc etc... I have pointed to the answer, and people
imply that I am positing some paranoid conspiracy theory.  Why are US
soldiers cohabitating with Dominican soldiers all along the border right
now?  Why does the US Ambassador have a *special* security detail complete
with Counter-ambush Teams, when there's never been that high a threat?  As
the laboratory constructs the pretense options, the troops have to be

The Haitians are pushing toward self-determination, however awkwardly.
Uncle Sammy won't have it.  Those aren't just everyday engineers and medics
in Cap.  When the next invasion comes, Cap will be a key airhead.  Trust me.

And be very afraid.