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#3293: Exchange rates: several replies

From: Karen Seiger <KSeiger@ifes.org>

www.oanda.com has a great currency converter.  The official interbank exchange rate for 4/17/00 is 18.26 gourdes to 1 US dollar.


From: Remy Perrier <remy@rehred-haiti.net>

You can check daily the rate with la Banque de la republique d'Haiti





From: Jepiem@aol.com

Depends on where you trade. The bank has a buying rate and a selling rate. 
And the street value is different. And the rate varies rather quickly. It's 
now hovering around four Haitian to an American dollar. Till you get to the 
trading post in Haiti, this info is useless.


From: Michael Brewer <immunenation@hotmail.com>

This is a very good site which might help. It is constantly updated from 
several sources.