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#3301: Boukman Eksperyans summer tour - Press Release (fwd)


PRESS RELEASE   April 19, 2000


The internationally acclaimed World Music group, Boukman Eksperyans will be 
launching their four month summer tour in the United States and Canada - June 
16th - September 23rd.  They will be promoting their highly anticipated 
compilation album, Boukman Eksperyans Kanaval Rasin:  A Spiritual and 
Political Anthology 1990-2000.  Their 6th album is a celebration of Boukman’s 
spiritual and social journey through their explosive and dynamic music, 
dubbed by the industry as "Vodou Rock."  Since 1990, their music has 
mobilized the Haitian people and inspired millions around the world to look 
within themselves to initiate social change.  They have brought down 
dictators, defied military governments and challenged any oppressive 
institution that seeks to suppress political, economic and social freedom.

Their sold out performances are not just concerts but highly anticipated 
events that entrances, energizes and excites the senses of people of 
different color, religions, nations and creeds.  Their summer tour will 
include festivals in cities such as Seattle, Denver, Toronto, New York, 
Milwalkee, St. Louis, Chicago, Miami, and San Diego.  A more detailed list of 
dates and venues will follow.

For information about booking the band in the summer, please contact SJM 
Media Consulting and Management at 516-482-4530.