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#3307: Haiti's First In-House Substance Abuse Program (fwd)


April 18, 2000

Immediate Release

Contact:  Ms. Gaetane B. Auguste, Director
Telephone:  (212) 560-6549
Telephone in Haiti: (011509) 510-9829
e-mail: APAAC@homepage.com
Website:  http://www.APAAC.homepage.com


Bilingual website designed to urge Haitians and others to begin a new life -- 
drug and alcohol free!

Alcohol and substance abuse is on the rise in Haiti and similarly is 
destroying lives in the U.S. and Canada.  APAAC, the Association for the 
Prevention of Alcohol and Other Chemical Dependency, operates Haiti's only 
in-house rehab center, The Jan Berghmans Rehabilitation Center, whose staff 
are trained addiction specialists.  The Jan Berghmans Rehab Center provides 
services comparable to those found in the U.S. and Canada but at a 
significantly lower price. 

The center is named after the late Belgium priest, Jan Berghmans, who came to 
Haiti in 1964 and was one of the founders of APAAC in 1986.  Father Jan was 
APAAC's first Director of Rehabilitation and later became the program's 
Director until his death in 1998.  The APAAC website features the services of 
its 28-day rehab program, The Jan Berghmans Rehabilitation Center, including 
its treatment model which embraces the internationally recognized 12-Step 
program for recovery.

Insolation and fear are some of the problems keeping people from reaching out 
for help for themselves and their loved ones.  Alcohol and substance abuse 
often tears apart families, causes domestic violence, leads to loss of jobs, 
school problems and ultimately may lead to imprisonment.  Addressing 
addiction is best done with the help and guidance of trained addiction 
counselors and therapists.  Obstacles to entering rehabilitation programs in 
the U.S. and Canada include high costs and long waiting lists.  The Jan 
Berghmans Rehab Center wants Haitians and others to know that there is a 
caring and professional center available to help them located in Haiti.

The APAAC website, while focusing on its quality care rehab center, also 
provides links to other well known groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 
and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) as well as to websites in French.  By using the 
APAAC website, those in need of help can access information quickly and 
confidentially.  For those considering traveling to Haiti, the APAAC website 
points you to Haiti's official tourism website and Haiti's entry requirements.

APAAC, founded in 1986, is recognized by the European Union, the Belgium 
Embassy in Haiti, the United Nations Drug Control Program, U.S. State 
Department, Haiti's Ministry of Health and Special Office on Drug Control and 

For further information or to schedule media interviews, please contact the 
Director, Ms. Gaetane B. Auguste, by either leaving a message at 212-560-6549 
or by telephoning APAAC in Haiti at (011509) 510-9829 or by sending an e-mail 
to APAAC@homepage.com. Interviews can be arranged via telephone or in-person 
in the month of June when Board members will be traveling to the U.S. and 

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