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Hugh mistake


I was balancing my checkbook today and discovered something troubling.
Some BIG missing deposits.  I checked around and discovered that I
accidently deposited the money into the PTP account and not my own
checking account.

There were two deposits:

one for $9320.00
another for $80.38

Thanks a total of $9400.38.

I have just written a PTP check to me and will go to my bank, hoping to
beat the checks I recently wrote, and deposit the money where it belongs,
in my own account.  Just charge development with a $9400.38 expense, and
put those two deposits into development.  It will even out.

Very sorry about that!

Also, catching you up on checks I have written:

3302:  Sp[ellman	$49.50
3303:	Planchinski	$40.57
3304:	Fortsas		$35.00
3305:   Darwin		$26.12
3306:	Postmaster	$57.00	(postbox.  charge postage)
3307:	Bob Corbett	$9400.38

The first four are charged to the library account.

Thanks,  Bob