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#3313: Haiti Opposition Candidate Kidnapped: Grey comments


<< Four men in a pickup truck abducted Claudy Myrthil in front of his home in 
a Port-au-Prince suburb Tuesday, said Mischa Gaillard, spokesman for the 
five-party opposition coalition, known as Space for Concord.>>

AHP doesn't give any info on this for April 19.  Maybe tomorrow.  I bet that 
the Space for Magouilleurs staged the abduction.  Let's see how Claudy comes 
out of it.  And I wonder, does he have rivals within the Space for 
Magouilleurs, who might have killed him and then claimed "abduction" to cover 
their own tracks?  It's remarkable how former pro-putchistes start screaming 
accusations of the very tactics they enthusiastically employed from 1991 - 
1994.  I hate to say 'I told you so...', but... I did!  ;-}

On the other hand, from AHP, we have the following:

(By the way, there is a reasonably good translation function at altavista.com)

"Port-au-Prince, 18 avril 2000 -(AHP)- L'organisation politique Fanmi Lavalas 
s'est élevée mardi contre les accusations portées contre le gouvernement et 
le Mouvement Lavalas par un membre du secrétariat international du Parti 
Socialiste français.

M. Paul Cozigon, considéré comme un proche du CONACOM et du PANPRA, deux 
partis membres de l'Internationale Socialiste, a accusé le régime Lavalas 
d'être d'essence anarcho populiste et d'encourager des actes de violence dans 
le pays."

I am trying to keep a tally of dead and wounded this time around, I think 
this is pretty close, since between 4 and 6 were killed in the Kwa Bosal 

<<At least 10 people have been killed - including several opposition 
officials - in election-related violence in recent weeks. ...Opposition 
leaders say two local party managers have been killed, party offices in other 
towns attacked, and campaign workers beaten. Haiti's most prominent radio 
journalist, Jean Dominique, was slain on April 3. >>

Here we go again, dear God, partisanery to the hilt and once again no 
interest at all in *general principles* of respect for human rights and free 
and fair elections, applied to *all Haitians, equally*.


Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra", 
     Good is rare - Haitian Proverb

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