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#3311: Boukman Eksperyans New CD Release - Street Date: May 16, 2000 (fwd)



This dynamic new CD from the famed, internationally acclaimed World Music 
group, Boukman Ekspeyrans, documents a 10-year journey of social, political 
and spiritual awakening in their native Haiti.  From Island/Mango Records to 
Tuff Gong International/Lightyear Entertainment, Boukman Eksperyans has 
marked the new millenium with the launch of their own label, Balenjo Music, 
joining forces with Converge Entertainment and Sumthing Distribution.  This 
anthology marks a turning point in the exciting career of Boukman Eksperyans 
as musical leaders of the Haitian Roots Movement.

Known for their diverse, eclectic "Vodou Rock" sound with a fusion of Haitian 
roots with Rock, Jazz, Reggae and R&B, this compilation encompasses all of 
Boukman’s greatest hits.  It also includes 2 new releases, "Aba Karanklou, 
(Down with the Scavengers) " a song inspired by members of the Lakota and 
Sioux tribes from the Rincon reservation in San Diego and a tribute to the 
Taino and Arawak Indians, native ancestors of Haitians and "Giyon Dyol Bokye 
(The Rabid Manipulator)" a song that was set to debut during the 1999 
Carnival celebrations in Haiti, was banned due to its harsh representation of 
the current government.  This CD also re-introduces old favorites like "Ke’m 
Pa Sote" and "Kalfou Danjere," songs which introduced the world to this 
amazingly talented group.

For the past 10 years, the press has raved about Boukman Eksperyans and their 
impressive musical catalog, citing "Ke’m Pa Sote" as the most quoted 
political anthem of the decade.  "It perfectly captured a moment of political 
crisis, spiritual resistance and cultural production."  "Kalfou Danjere" was 
a brilliantly conceived, perfectly realized recording, which belongs in any 
serious collection, " and "Live at Red Rocks"…is another collection of 
reverberating call & response vocals…underscored by throbbing African and 
Caribbean rhythms and textured layers of guitar and percussion."  All of 
these and more are seamlessly encapsulated in this one CD which can only be 
described as the best party album of the year.

Boukman Eksperyans will launch the KANAVAL RASIN (ROOTS CARNIVAL) TOUR in the 
United States this Summer beginning June 16th - September 23rd.   To order 
CDs for sale/distribution (30 or more) and videos, call BALENJO MUSIC at