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#3315: question on immigration: Poincy comments

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>


	I command you for this defense! In my early days on the list these
insults were more frequent. I delivered some serious fights against the
Ayitian bashing which caused many on the list to resent me as they were
offended. Were offended the host of the list, Amy Willentz, Greg
Chamberlain and many others. However, there were less or zero insults
until this one.
	I read the post allright and to be honest, it did not stike me as much
it did you. For sure, I would not reply, maybe because I was too
exhausted or else I change the page on what to reply to, more so the
latter. At any rate reading your post makes me see more than I saw when
I read it. You make good sense.