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#3317: Haitian orphan's story draws no crowds: Laleau replies to Gill


It's not that simple -- 

(1)  Haitians are black, by and large, and will never draw the sympathy in 
this racist country that more than less "white" Cubans will draw.

(2)  Haitians are also poor, by and large, and will never draw the sympathy 
in this materialistic country that the economically better off Cuban emigres 
will draw.

(3)  Haitians, from the days of Duvalier to the current days, will never draw 
the sympathy in this anti-communist country that the Cubans will draw, 
because Duvalier was anti-communist and so are the upper-class Haitians in 
Haiti that keep the economic conditions favorable to the US business 

It's not as simple as Haitians not knowing how to play the crowd. It's WHO 
they are and WHAT they look like, and what they represent to the by and large 
racist and classist interests of the US population at large and the 
government that represents them. Not all Americans are racist and classist, 
to be sure... there are those of us who seek a voice on the List and 

Nancy Laleau