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#3335: Son in Haiti (fwd)

From: Rosann Clements <rosann@onemain.com>

Thanks to all of you have replied either on the list or to me personally
about my Question about my son being yelled at because of his skin color or
perhaps because he is an American or most likely...both!
It has truly helped me a lot! I think I feel much better now and some of the
comments helped me realize he is actually handling it quite well.  He is
there on a Church mission and will be there for 2 years.
(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -day Saints) He was in Jacmel and now
is in Petit Goave (Ti Gwav) It seems to be worse in Ti Gwav than it was in
He lives with another Haitian Missionary and he lives very simple and eats
rice and beans and goes without electricity and running water most of the
time. He rides a bike to get around and a couple times a week he gives free
English classes and when he was in Jacmel he worked on cleaning up the
beaches...I think the locals see him as a friendly and helpful but I think
it's the people who don't know him...that seem to take delight in harassing
him. Although this bothers him...I think it probably bothers me more...not
being there...and the fact that I'm a Mom...
Thanks for shedding some light on the culture there!
Rosann Clements :)