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#3347: photos of Haitian grassroots projects (fwd)

From: Trenton Daniel <trentondaniel@hotmail.com>

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Hi, I sent a message about a month ago inquiring about the amount of foreign 
aid, both private and public, that has been given to Haiti in recent years. 
I'm writing a story about private aid given to the country, to appear in The 
Reuters Forum Journal, a Columbia University publication funded by the wire 
service, and I'm wondering if any photographers on this list might have art 
to contribute to the story. I'm particularly interested in photos that show 
Haitians engaged in a grassroots project, either in the United States or in 
Haiti. The contributor will receive full credit, as well as a complimentary 
copy of The Reuters Forum Journal. For more information about The Reuters 
Forum, a program of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, go 
to www.jrn.columbia.edu/reuters.

Trenton Daniel

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