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#3367: Haitian Genealogy

From: gilles hudicourt <hudic@videotron.ca>

The database of the Association de généalogie d'Haïti now contains 3,437
civil registers of Port-au-Prince, and 15,915 names of the period from
1797-1807.  The following registers have already been input :
1797    D    Port-au-Prince
1798    D    Port-au-Prince
1799    D    Port-au-Prince
1800    D    Port-au-Prince
1801    D    Port-au-Prince
1803    B    Port-au-Prince
1803    M    Port-au-Prince
1804    B    Port-au-Prince
1804    M    Port-au-Prince
1805    B    Port-au-Prince
1805    M    Port-au-Prince
1806    B    Port-au-Prince
1806    D    Port-au-Prince
1807    B    Port-au-Prince (August to December)

These records can be accessed free on our web site www.agh.qc.ca
We also have a real super French only genealogy publication called "Genèse"
that covers not only the Haitian period but also the Saint-Domingue of
colonial days.  Anyone who reads French and has an interest in Haiti will
find interesting historical articles  there.