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#3374: More Rambling : Delatour adds

From: Cavour DELATOUR <cavjodel@hotmail.com>

from Mario L.Delatour cavjodel@hotmail.com

A 3 week visit to Haiti has turned into a two month stay.Happy to be back 
home you might add but also very hard to conduct any kind of business down 
here.Difficult times indeed for "Haiti Cherie".In the weeks since I have 
been back,I've witnessed two weeks of good old Haitian violence from the now 
famous "Chime".More of the same,you wish these guys would upgrade the 
script.Then came the shocking and brutal murder of Jean Dominique.Daily 
random killings.And now Petion Ville is numbed from yet another shocking 
piece of news.An unemployed Haitian businessman apparently shot and killed 
his wife his 4 kids and then himself at his beach house.Meanwhile 300 of our 
"Compatriotes" are stranded on a deserted cay in the Bahamas.I am not sure 
where all this violence will lead us,but one thing is certain there's a sad 
wind blowing over "Haiti Cherie".Time to bolt down and wheather out the 

Mario L.Delatour

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