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#3384: Karshan on destabilization and its sources (fwd)


Today Ben Dupuy gave a press conference in which he explained that the 
current situation is composed of three elements:  selective assassinations 
carried out by highly professional assassins, infiltration into peaceful 
demonstrations by paid agitators who create confusion and disdain for Fanmi 
Lavalas by setting fires, breaking cars, etc. and the build up at the border 
of US military and Dominican Military.  Pointing out that it was the CIA and 
the US government who created FRAPH, etc. he stated that Haiti is under an 
electoral coup d'etat (which is the general consensus of the population 
--that the electoral coup d'etat is being carried out to block Aristide from 
the presidency ).  

Now, it is sad to see that the leading human rights groups in the U.S., 
spearheaded by the National Coalition for Haitian Rights, are setting 
Aristide up by calling on him to make a declaration to end the violence.  
First, through this demand it successfully leads the public to believe that 
these human rights groups believe that he and his constituents are 
responsible for the violence.  Secondly, if Aristide does not meet their 
demands to personally speak out (Fanmi Lavalas spokesperson Yvon Neptune has 
repeatedly stated Fanmi Lavalas' opposition to violence and this can be heard 
over the radio and television continuously) then it will serve to make 
Aristide look as if he is supporting violence.  Third, if Aristide does speak 
out personally and the violence doesn't stop (because it is being paid for by 
other sectors) then it will make him look ineffective.    (All these 
maneuvers can be read about in Chamarro's book entitled Packaging the Contras 
about his public relations work for the Contras paid for by the CIA.)  

However, according to Mr. Dupuy's analysis this violence is part of the 
low-intensity warfare being waged against Haiti by elements of the US.  

Why call on Aristide to call for an end to the violence? Why not go to the 
source itself and re-direct their letter to certain sectors in Washington?