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#3392: Hot Times in Haiti: two replies

From: Sicla@aol.com

Of all the books I have read about Haiti..This is by far the worst. I briefly 
met the author when the book came out in 1994. He was doing a book signing at 
a local bookstore in Miami. As a person who loves anything about Haiti I went.

I can take contrasting political views, I can even take someone who is miss 
informed or someone who has limited knowledge of Haiti. However, this is by 
far the most shallow book ever written about Haiti. The writer spends his 
time name dropping and talking about his exploits with women..Talking about 
casinos, hotels and nightclubs..The book is also poorly written. If there was 
ever a book about the Ugly American in Haiti...this is it....two thumbs 


From: Cavour DELATOUR <cavjodel@hotmail.com>

The book "Hot Times in Haiti"is a nostalgic piece of a different era 
indeed.Tony Hattenbach is the son of an american woman named Muriel Martin 
who owns "Kyona Beach"on the "Cote des Arcadins".Tony lived in haiti and ran 
his mom's beach operation on occasions.The book was published in Haiti 
either by Deschamps or le Natal.
Tony also had a thing for "Timbales".

Mario L. Delatour
PAP Haiti