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#3402: Haiti: Sanctions (fwd)

From: david malone <malone@ipacademy.org>

 For students of the sanctions episode in Haiti, 1991-94, I wanted to 
 signal the publication of a volume which sheds some light on those 
 events and how they relate to other UN-imposed sanctions regimes of the 
 1990s.  It includes a chapter on Haiti and the Haiti case appears 
 prominently in the book's conclusions.  

 The volume was sponsored by the International Peace Academy and, 
 following a symposium in the morning of April 17, 2000, attended by Kofi 
 Annan, various Security Council Ambassadors, a number of NGOs, academics 
 and media representatives, was discussed by the UN Security Council in 
 open session during the afternoon of April 17.  The Council ultimately 
 decided to set up a working group on sanctions reform with a mandate to 
 report back on concrete measures the Council should contemplate to draw 
 lessons from and avoid the errors of the 1990s.  Incidentally, the book 
 looks at sanctions primarily through the prism of effectiveness rather 
 than, narrowly, their humanitarian impact or other collateral 
 consequences (although all of these are addressed).

 David Cortright and George A. Lopez, The Sanctions Decade: Assessing UN 
 Strategies in the 1990s, Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 2000, 274 pp. $ 45 
 (hardback) and $ 17.95 (paperback).

 Cortright (President of the Fourth Freedom Forum) and Lopez (of the Kroc 
 Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre 
 Dame) are among the foremost scholars on UN-mandated sanctions and on 
 humanitarianism and war of our time.

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