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#3404: medical equipment looking for Haiti home


we have been given: (1) a complete emergency room clinic, to include all
equipment (US standards) and (2) a complete ophthalmology lab (US standards)
and (3) supplies for both.....

i am able to ship it, pay import duties and then ship via trucks to a
recipient.......no cost for any of the charges......

my interest is the Les Cayes/Port Salut/Camp Perrin area of Haiti......this
is my first choice.....

i was thinking of the clinic at Cite Lumiere, located near Les Cayes......

if anyone on the list is interested, knows a group that might be interested,
please contact me off the Corbett list....

mark gill

mark eric gill
envoy to caribbean - IAEWP -
  NGO - UN
caribbean college - Trinidad, WI
albert schweitzer society, int. (Munich)