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#3410: A response to Pina (fwd)


Pina writes:

<< To so do is to unneccesarily admit concern for a wrong perception. There 
 no need for such a pronouncement since Lafamni obviously takes that stance 
 anyway. Further, there is something false in the logic that implies he must 
 be guilty of something because he refuses to state the obvious.
 Aristide has always been consistent in calling for non-violence and 
 reconcilliation, especially after he was shouldered back into power. Many 
 within the OP's or Popular Organizations, responded by calling for 
 "reconcilliation with justice" for the victims of the coup. These 
 organization's members took the brunt of the military's brutality and appear 
 committed to not letting that memory be buried under an avalanche of 
 A climate that allows for fair elections and stable institutions holds the 
 hope for redress of the massacre of thousands of Haitians.  This is clearly 
 in the stated interests of supporters of Lafamni and raises more questions 
 than it answers concerning who is behind the violence in Haiti. >>

Pina appears to suggest the Aristide should ignore a perception because it is 
wrong..However, It is a fact the many US newspapers, Human Rights 
organizations, Haitian opposition parties have blamed Aristide supporters for 
much of the political violence..Right or wrong, to simply ignore will only 
add fuel to the fire.

The only people who believe that Aristide has been consistent in calling for 
nonviolence and reconciliation are his supporters..Everyday another 
opposition politician goes into hiding, leaves the country or drops out of 
politics. If nonviolence and reconciliation is his message..it's not getting 
out or he cannot control his people.