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#3423: Dorce replies to Fuller on asking Aristide to speak out


In a message dated 05/01/2000 10:07:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Affuller@aol.
com writes:

<< I urge others, especially those who have been and still are his friends 
and supporters, to join in urging the former president to address the 
violence that appears to be worsening every day. >>
Everyone who agrees with the above is assuming the violent acts have been 
perpetrated by Lavalas sympathizers.  And that if Aristide but gives the 
word, the violence will stop.  What if the scenario is that those opposed to 
Aristide are killing people to make Aristide look bad in international 
circles. Machiavelli has many fans in Haitian politics.  And things are 
rarely what they seem.  This is like a bad play......but look at all the 
people in line for tickets.  

Kathy DorcÚ