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#3425: Dorce replies to someone on Aristide issue


In a message dated 05/01/2000 10:08:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time, publisher@fla
shcom.net writes:

<< One of the disappointments that I've had with Aristide is that he has 
to fulfill his role as a leader of Haiti.  <snip>

Aristide is in a precarious situation and anything he does and say can be 
used against him, but these are minor details that true leaders know as the 
perils of leadership and let the chips fall where they may.  If we look at 
black leaders in the U.S. Many of them vere villified, either by the 
government apparatus, FBI, and others.
Malcom X, even the now saintly Martin Luther King was public enemy number 1 
at one time. >>
Those men were assassinated.....and if Aristide were assassinated as well, 
you would not be surprised I bet.  Aristide is damned if he does and damned 
if he doesn't.  There is no move he can make that will be taken in a positive 
light by his detractors.  If he succeeds in being Haiti's leader, it will be 
because of Divine Intervention because he has little help here on earth.  

Kathy DorcÚ