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#3418: Joseph replies to Karshan on CIA

From: Patrick Joseph <patrickjc@hotmail.com>

Response to Michelle Karshan

Karshan's insinuation that the International Human Rights are CIA pawn is 
absolutely outrageous. Not only, these organizations have always 
distinguished themselves in promoting human rights and democracy, especially 
during the darkest days of the Coup, but also they, in their joint document, 
have only stated the facts happening in Haiti today. The Current climate of 
terror and political intimidation, denounced by various sectors and by the 
press in general, has been orchestrated and maintained, by all accounts, by 
some self proclaimed Aristide's popular organizations.
All witnesses, international as well as international, concurred to point 
out that the events of the infamous Saturday, April 8, 2000, were conducted 
by these groups, with the apparent passivity of the police.

Jean Dominique himself, Dominique was very vocal against these so called 
popular organizations and he also spoke out particularly against one of 
Aristide's protégés, ex-chief of police, Danny Toussaint, currently running 
for Senate, who was according to Dominique, manipulating such groups.
Some people may have short or selective memory and I guess that is what 
happened to Karshan. A few years ago, these Human Rights organizations were 
considered to be Lavalas best allies, when they were denouncing, and rightly 
so, the atrocities of the military regime. But when they are questioning 
Aristide's attitude while his, self proclaimed, partisans are the main 
contributors to the prevailing wind of panic, chaos and violence throughout 
the country, they are being part of the " International complot". What an 
I wonder if Michelle Karshan has lost her sense of perspective, sitting in 
her office in the National Palace!


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