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#3448: Human Rights in Haiti (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>
I welcome the initiative of the six human rights
organizations which in recent days voiced their
concerns about the serious situation in Haiti.

Such an initiative is certainly within their rights to
speak up and in line with Haiti's efforts to create
a state of law. And it corroborates what others
have reported, namely in Amnesty International's
March report on Haiti which came out in English,
French and Creole.

I also welcome the substance of what they had to say.
Haiti is currently perched on a volcano and lest the
political restablishment -- especially its Lavalas
components -- tread carefully, the whole thing might
very well blow up with the result that the hot lava will
sweep all away.

Such an outcome would no doubt compound the misery
of the Haitian people and lead to far greater foreign
intervention in Haitian affairs -- this time around with the
Dominican Republic playing a very large role.

As for the response from the National Palace, instead
of bashing people who raise such concerns, they should
concentrate instead on telling their side of the story in
measured and convincing arguments. For a while they
were doing just that in "Transparans" the official web site
of the National Palace. It is high time they revive that
effort to convey their position and tell the public about
their accomplishments. I for one believe they are
substantial and well worth being told to the wider world.

In this regard, I would suggest that they try and learn
from Cuba's PR program. On a weekly basis, I visit
Granma's web site and I am always impressed by the
manner in which the Cuban Government articulates its
views -- whether or not one agrees with them -- on the
pressing issues of the day -- for instance the Elían affair
or the South Summit to name these two -- in five
languages no less!

Angle ekri, angle konprann!