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#3454: Eyes of the Heart... Gill comments


Aristide does point out a true fact about free trade, market economics and
"globalization"....however, what is true for Haiti is also true for other
countries......and, most other countries, the DR for example, are still
moving toward free trade, etc.....they are doing so by bargaining........by
a balance between free trade/market economics and protectionism, just as
Europe does, the US also.....

the economic fact is:  a market economy has a far greater potential for
explosive growth than any other form present today, and this approach
accounts for the economic growth in much of Asia, for example, all within a
period of 20 years or so.....

one must look realistically at the best way to help the poor......it can be
done thru socialism, a forced redistribution of wealth, but this depends on
a country HAVING any wealth to re-distribute......

i strongly suspect if the wealth of Haiti were subjected to this procedure,
little real change would actually occur, in terms of raising the lifestyles
of the 90 or so percent who are in poverty....plus, for this redistribution
to work, it assumes a stable set of infrastructures that can adminish
such......something Haiti does not have.....

the problem Haiti faces, at least on one level is this:  not knowing how to
bargain......not knowing how to come out of the dark in terms of even
regional cooperation........again, just look at the rapid change occuring in
the DR, and all within just a few short years.......for the first time in
its history, there is far more excitement about the future, due to the
market approach being taken in the DR of today.......

i realize Aristide still pushes for liberation theology, at least of a
"sort", and this is fine.....but, he also has to deal with the "real world"
and the real world is rapidly moving toward globalization......and, he is
not in a position to change very much, at least outside the confines of
Haiti.........and, in fact, one has to wonder what he will be able to change
within Haiti.....

of course, market economics can benefit only the few, the elites......but,
this depends on the regulations of internal policies......Aristide will
accomplish more by instituting such necessary changes within Haiti, than he
will fighting globalization.....