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#3464: Eyes of the Heart... August comments


"...........one must look realistically at the best way to help the 
poor......it can be
 done thru socialism, a forced redistribution of wealth, but this depends on
 a country HAVING any wealth to re-distribute......plus, for this 
 to work, it assumes a stable set of infrastructures that can adminish
 such......something Haiti does not have.....
i realize Aristide still pushes for liberation theology, at least of a
 "sort", and this is fine.....but, he also has to deal with the "real world"
 and the real world is rapidly moving toward globalization......and, he is
 not in a position to change very much, at least outside the confines of
 Haiti.........and, in fact, one has to wonder what he will be able to change
 within Haiti....."

As much as I want Mr. Aristide to have success in governing Haiti, (all signs 
indicate that he will be the next president) I wonder as well what he will be 
able to change within Haiti, particularly with his stated policy of "graisse 
cochon ki pral kuit cochon." (the pig's fat will cook the pig). Not to 
mention his edit of "kapitalis se peche mortel" (Capitalism is a mortal sin). 

J-R. B. Auguste