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#3478: Eyes of the Heart... August comments (fwd)


Aristide has an idealism, which i understand, given his basic education was
theological in nature.....i have had this same training, but it came,
professionally speaking, after my first round of non-theological
undergrad/grad degrees......

it is useless to call capitalism "evil"......it is not the system that is
evil, but those that use it.....i mean, look around at the "systems"
available.....all are value neutral, UNTIL someone uses it......why, the
marxism of the old Soviet Union was turned into nothing more than communist
bureaucrats who wanted nothing more than a dacha in the countryside, a new
car, special coupons for food, etc....point.....the "idealism" of marxism
was lost, and it was lost to greed, priviledge, position, etc.....

name a system where this is not true?  liberation theology is extremely
idealistic since it exists mainly on paper and has had little real tests
applied to its theories an ideas.....it certainly failed in Nicaragua, and
American theologians, who went there "idealistically" were soon discouraged
and they left.....

the fact is this:  the real world, the one that Aristide will have to deal
with, is NOT idealistic and lets face it, folks, the interest in Haiti has
already begun to wane......and, it is not likely to be resurrected,
certainly not in the US or the UN.....and...

lets remember that Aristide needs the capitalist countries far far more than
these countries need him.....this sounds hard, but this is the real world he
will have to deal with.....