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#3484: Eyes of the Heart... Gill comments


Aristide is dealing with some very greedy,
competitive people who do not want to change their way of life even to
improve Haiti.  Those people need Capitalist countries to continue with the
status quo.....Aristide doesn't need them.

i am very aware of the opposition to change on the part of certain "elites"
in Haiti.....this is typical when any oligarchy is being challanged.....in
fact, it is happening right now in El Salvador, Guatamala, etc.....

but, the serious question is:  where will Aristide, or any other President
in Haiti, find the funds with which to do anything?  the tax base in Haiti
is too poor, even if tax policies were instituted which were "fair" and
enforced......the credit system within the country is archaic and even if
brought up to any set of acceptable standards, the financial reserves simply
are not there, and this is not likely to change given the record of poor

when "instability" rises, Haiti experiences "capital flight"......money
leaves the country for a safer place, and, a place where interest can be
earned......when money leaves, investment potential drops......this is what
has and is happening.....

plus, even if all internal funds were kept in Haiti, it provides no where
near the financial base required, even with political stability, for any
dynamic growth to occur......

thus, outside monies are needed, and in large amounts.......now, the
question is: where will such funds come from?  do those countries or
international banks with funds to lend want to lend to Haiti......NO.....

there is no need to go into all the reasons why.......everyone has heard it
before, time after time after time.....

i suppose Aristide will simply print up a lot more gourde?  hmm, i think
Argentina did that at one point, to avoid borrowing, and as i recall, it was
like harking back to Germany right after WWI.........

it is good to know that Aristide does not need the capitalist
countries.....i do think someone should let him in on this.....