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#3497: Gill replies to Dorce on foreign aid


yes, miracles do happen.....meaning, Haiti would stop seeking foreign

what might not be known is that in policy circles in DC, and in the World
Bank/IMF and other capitols of other economically advanced countries, there
is considerable talk about the fact that foreign aid, if one looks at what
it has actually accomplished around the world, is under considerable
scrutiny......in fact, the discussions about eliminating the debt of
something like 40 countries has a caveat....that is, that the countries who
receive this "favor", will stop requesting foreign aid in the
future.....now, the proposals are much more complicated than i could go into
here, but Aristide is quite well aware of all this.....

the problem is:  the question of financing anything in Haiti has little
likelihood of being accomplished without foreign aid.......this is for a
myriad of reasons, and Aristide, or whoever is President, simpy has no

Aristide can preach against capitalism all he wants, but when the "chips are
down", what do you really think he will do?  use his telephone and call the
money boys, which, by the way, are in capitalist countries.....

international agencies have become part and parcel of Haitian economic and
financial life, and this is not likely to change......why?  well, what
choice does Haiti really have?

again, i ask: where will the money come from?  can you give sound economic
alternatives?  if so, what are they?  and, i am making reference to
proposals that are of this planet, and not from Mars.......