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#3506: Philadelphia ash found not harmful: Chamberlain comments (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

> From:Kimbela01@aol.com

> I seem to remember reading about hundreds of residents of Gonaives who 
developped illnesses, and babies being born with birth defects around the 
time this was a hot topic.  After years of letting the ash sit on the coast
of Haiti, they finally conclude that the ash is not toxic?  This is very 
suspicious to me. Anyone else?

I think quite early on there was a serious evaluation of the waste and it
found to be not especially toxic.  However, public perception of a strange 
mountain of evil-looking waste blowing all over the suburbs of Gonaives 
is another matter and is likely to give rise to all manner of fears and
Does any medical person have any documented evidence of these reports 
of illnesses in Gonaives?  "Not especially toxic" waste may well cause some
health problems, but I wonder how far they really went.

None of this of course alters the disgraceful dumping of the stuff there in
first place, but for that we can blame the brother of the late former drug
Col. Jean-Claude Paul and other officials, who did a deal with the ship.

Greg Chamberlain