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#3522: Dorce replies to Gill on foreign aid (fwd)


In a message dated 05/07/2000 4:52:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time, drgill@cdinter
.net writes:

<<the problem is:  the question of financing anything in Haiti has little
likelihood of being accomplished without foreign aid.......this is for a
myriad of reasons, and Aristide, or whoever is President, simpy has no
 Aristide can preach against capitalism all he wants, but when the "chips are
 down", what do you really think he will do?  use his telephone and call the
 money boys, which, by the way, are in capitalist countries.....
 international agencies have become part and parcel of Haitian economic and
 financial life, and this is not likely to change......why?  well, what
 choice does Haiti really have? >>
Well apparently I haven't made my point clearly enough in my posts so you had 
to do it for me....thank you Dr. Gill.  Indeed what choice does Aristide 
have???  The behemoth has spoken and tiny, weak, dependent, shattered Haiti 
must submit.  It isn't fair, but hey! who said life was fair?  Might makes 
right...if they want to eat, they'll make baseballs for 5 gourdes a day.  
They're used to grinding poverty so it's ok to keep them that way.

Aristide says in his book, "Eyes of the Heart", they give us two ways to go 
(submit or resist), and both of them mean death ......so you choose the third 
way.  Finding the third way is the challange.  I get very upset when I think 
of how bad it looks but Aristide makes me hopeful, makes me believe it is 
possible again.  Perhaps that is why he is still so popular with the people.

Kathy DorcÚ