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#3512: Haitian Dominican Border - A View From Space (fwd)

From: Jeffrey Wilson <jeswilso@iupui.edu>

Greetings to Corbett Land:

I have been a silent member of the list for over a year and have found
this a great resource for helping me increase my understanding of this
fascinating country.  Kudos to Bob!  

I am a fledgling geography prof. who has been working on a study of the
land use and land cover contrasts along the Haiti/DR border with my
colleagues for the past two years.  We have recently developed a
preliminary manuscript describing our initial observations and have been
working on a second manuscript focused on more quantitative analysis.

I have only been to Hispaniola twice (summer of 1998 and 1999) and most
of that time was spent traveling along the border (Haitian and DR side)
from the Caribbean to Atlantic.  My purpose for posting this is to
invite interested list members to have a look at the manuscript, draw
some constructive criticisms, and initiate discussion on Haiti's
environmental situation in the context of contrast with her neighbor.  

The manuscript and associated materials can be accessed at:



Jeff Wilson

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