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#3514: Philadelphia ash found harmful (cadmium, lead & heavy metals) (fwd)

From: A. =?iso-8859-1?Q?M=E9dard?= <amedard@gte.net>


> Four thousand tons of ash from a U.S. garbage incinerator are sitting in a beach town in Haiti right now. A ship
> carrying this ash from the city of Philadelphia dumped it there 10 years ago, claiming it was fertilizer. The heavy
> metals and other toxics in the ash are blowing in the tropical wind and being carried into the sea by heavy rains.
> Cadmium and lead, two metals present in the ash, contribute to neurological damage, lung and bone disorders,
> birth defects and other health problems. Samples of adjacent soil show the toxics have migrated into the
> environment. In ten years, not even a fence or warning sign has been erected to protect the community.