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#3533: Dorce responds to Morse (fwd)


In a message dated 05/08/2000 4:49:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time, oloffsonram@gl
obelsud.net writes:

<< P.S. In response to Ms Dorce: Dirty tricks campaigns isn't the way to 
 defend the Haitian people. Gordon Liddy stuff just doesn't work in the 
 long run. You get discovered eventually.(1)You have to rise above that 
 kind of stuff. (2) You have to make people understand where you're 
 coming from. You can't be Malcolm X and sell yourself as Martin Luther 
 King Jr. >>
I'm sorry Richard, I do not know what I said that you are responding to in 
this way. Dirty tricks?  Aristide?  Do you know that you just cut me in half 
implying I would endorse anything a Republican ever came up with.....I hope 
you misunderstood me.  I have to go brush my teeth or something.....ick.  
Let's talk, I usually don't find myself on opposite sides from you on Haitian 

I was thinking something last night when it was dark and quiet; those of you 
who are in the middle of things inside Haiti may see things one way due to 
being so close to the action.  While a person in, oh, say, California might 
see things from a distance in a way that is no less clear but certainly a 
different perspective.  Together we share views and hopefully get a more 
complete picture of what is going on.  

Kathy DorcÚ

Kathy DorcÚ