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#3531: All copies of free book gone, but......

Folks, as I indicated earlier, all copies of the book were claimed
by a little after midnight last night.

However, given the PHENOMENAL response, dozens and dozens of you, I
have decided that I will scan this 82 page book on to my web site and
thus it should be there in a week or two.

This brings up another issue that you can all advise me on.

I'm now on summer break.  HIP HIP and all that.  I do intend to spend 
most of my summer working on a history of this neighborhood of my birth
where I live in St. Louis, an Irish neighborhood called Dogtown, where
my own father was born back in 1916 and me in 1939.

But, I will have time to scan a few more Haiti texts to my own web site.
They need to be older documents which are no in copyright.

Can you advise me.  What sort of topics are even specific books would
you like to see up?  They would have to be:

1.  In English.
2.  In my library.

I can say that if they are in English and published, then the odds that
they are in my library is simply excellent.  I now have over 1500 volumes on
Haiti in my library which are in English.

So, what sorts of stuff would you like to see me post to my web site for
all to use?  General topics or specific books or atrticles... whatever.

You might want to look especially at the history section of my web page
to see the sorts of things I already have, and perhaps the miscellaneous
topics page.  The web site is at: