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#3548: Mediocrity : Wilson comments

From: RIWILSON <RIWilson@maf.org>

     I wonder who first thought to enshrine mediocrity?  Saying "culture" 
     is the end-all and be-all of existence is making the average the norm. 
     Not all cultures and religions and political philosophies are born 
     equal.  If that were true there would be no need for change.
     If multi-culturalism were an acceptable ideal then Nazi Germany, the 
     USSR (which preceded and outlasted the Nazi's in brutality and 
     barbarism toward its own people, and those it conquered), the Japanese 
     and other lesser lights should have been left to pursue their cultural 
     ideals without the meddling of the international community in the 
     1939+ era.
     The culture of Haiti is being voted against by its closest members, 
     the people (70% I read) who either are, or would like to, flee 
     --anywhere.  Simply changing the distribution of wealth (averaging 
     things by force of arms) will not change the desperate conditions.  A 
     better ideal must replace a poor one.
     The Haitians are an admirable people.  Most I meet are not average.  
     The average cannot survive.  The street merchants, the madan saras, 
     the red caps at the airport are all struggling--not just to survive 
     but to get above it all--and I know many who have made it up from the 
     muck of the slums.  I honor them all.