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#3558: A reply to Poincy


I finally heard from someone who echos my sentiments. The only thing I don't agree with is that the refugee's should be sent back home. They opted to throw in the towel therefore we dont need them. Quiters never win, winners never quit. We have had too many Haitians quit on us and its time to say enough is enough. I'm always amazed to hear that these people pay $2000-$5000!!!!! for a trip to nowhere. Give the $5000 to anyone with enginuity and they will turn it to $100000 or even $100000. What haiti lacks more than anything is a lack of imagination. When i say Haiti I mean from the elite down to the masses. Ever wonder why there are so many starving haitian doctors, (my parents are doctors but not starving)lack of imagination. The same way an ambitious man from the masses thinks its only through politics he can "achieve" the middle class thinks its by sending their children to medical schools etc. as a way to acquire "prestige". Not that we dont need people taking care of the !
sick but i think its more urgent for us to have care for the soul and belly.
I'll end with true example. My our next door neighbors is haiti are a very succesful couple. They own several businesses and currently have two children in the states in college. In talking to their eldest child (who i am clse to in age) recently revealed to me a shocking secret. Their family was envious of our family and always held us up as a standard to which they must strive to be like. Well guess what? My father told me that he became a doctor just so that me and my sisters would not have to become physicians. His reasoning was that he wanted us to be more like the neighbors!!! He wanted us to have enough of a cushon in life so that we could go on and start our own businesses. And they set an example by starting a non medical related business of their own (not an import/import like the brain dead elite). Currently we have 10 employees who didnt have jobs two years ago who are working and the business is slowly growing. My point is we have all the necessary tools to create!
 wealth and we squander it by our lack of imaginatoin and doing the same o, same o. When are we going to take chances!!!! So what if its a risk to our lives. If the pioneers of the US didnt take a chance and head west against HUGE odds would the US be what it is today? we need pioneers of our own like Jean-Dominique and DR Borde. They lost their lives but could anyone say that they regreted taking a chance on Haiti? I bet If they had to do it again they would do nothing different. Who will be the next crop of pioneers to circle their wagons on the haitian frontier. Yes a few of us will fall but he who is afraid to die will never live. As a footnote my neighbors are encouraging their children to stay in the States. What will become of their sucessful businesses if they donot return....to be continued.

Mozeb is right: Haiti has lived, lives AND WILL LIVE

Your all invited to my funeral it will be in haiti.