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#3587: cultural vulturism: Grey replies to Dorce


<< At the risk of offending the venerable houngans and manbos (mesi  DeGraff) 
 this list, my Haitian artist husband is a Vodouissant who believes that one 
 can call and serve the lwa themselves without need for intermediaries.  >>

Of course one can call and serve the lwa without a Houngan or Mambo (by the 
way, whether you want to spell it correctly or not, it is appropriate to 
capitalize the terms, just like "Rabbi" or "Reverend") - most Haitians and 
even most Vodouisants are not initiated, even at the lowest rank of hounsi 
kanzo.  In the same way, Christians can pray and even hold group prayer 
services without their minister or priest.  But when making the sacrament of 
Holy Communion, the clergy is required.  Likewise, any lay person can hold a 
dance or feed their lwa, but when conducting orthodox ceremonies with all the 
invocations and the Priye Ginen and so on, or when conducting a maryaj lwa or 
a kanzo, the presence of a Houngan or Mambo is required.

<<...he believes that there is much abuse of the position and finding one who 
doesn't abuse it is not an easy matter if you do not know the lwa yourself. >>

He is very right!  This is why I am on the warpath against charlatans and 
culture vultures - too many innocent people are getting misled, ripped off 
for money, sexually abused, you name it.


Absolutely.  I don't think anyone would dispute this, least of all me, 
especially since I was serving the lwa for years before I became a M-a-m-b-o. 

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra", 
     Good is rare - Haitian Proverb

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