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#3590: Haitian Creole: Hebblethwaite recommends dictionary: Delimon adds

From: M Delimon <fdd7929@garnet.acns.fsu.edu>

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY second Mr Hebblethwaite's opinion.  It is becoming
pretty painful to read Ms Grey's recent postings defending whatever she is
trying to defend.  The way she supposedly learned to write Creole was
THEN, this is NOW.  Please make an effort to learn the proper spelling of 
the language, like all of us who love it try to do so, regardless of how
we feel it should be written, Ms Grey.  Linguists and other experts in the
area of Creole language teaching have spent years before they came up with
this spelling.  And we are all trying to use this conventional code to
communicate better.  Let us not re-invent the wheel.