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3597: Nekita's comments on "Culture Vulturism" (fwd)


Dear Corbetland,
I just want to say that I attended a voodoo ceremony for the first time in my 
life in l996 in Miragoane. It was occuring in the house adjacent to the one I 
was staying in. The beats of the drums were so enticing that I could not 
resit. I went to see what was happening though my relatives did not want me 
to. They said I will be possessed which I would  have loved to.
I went and that was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever 
assisted. It was a "maryaj lwa". A lady traveled from Florida to come and 
marry her loa.
There was no doubt I was a stranger. I was the only person taking pictures. I 
was there from 7P.M to 1 A.M. No one asked for money. There was no collection 
made like in Christian ceremonies.  I felt I was a welcoming guest. The 
hougan had me read numerous pages from the l'Ange Conducteur. I was so happy 
to do so because at one time the traditional christian churches in Haiti did 
not want "christians" to read  l"Ange Conducteur " I hear it was banned and 
taken out of book shelves in Haiti's seminaries( both protestant and 
I don't think the voodoisants are greedy. They know the blans make a lot of 
money from their religion; from writing books to making movies.  If those 
foreigners give $10, $20 even $400 to assist a ceremony, there is nothing 
vulturous about that.