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# 3610: Gilman replies to Aristide (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>

May 11, 2000
Jean Bertrand Aristide

Former President of Haiti


Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Dear Former President Aristide:

I am in receipt of your letter of May 8, 2000. Haiti is
now just a few days away from holding legislative and
local elections set for May 21st.

Recent developments are cause for concern. Fourteen
people have been killed in a rising tide of political violence
since March 29. Just this past weekend, a well known and
respected man, Dr. Harry Bordes, was murdered in
cold blood.

I note that, in your letter, you condemn all forms of
violence that threaten Haiti's fragile democracy. Recently,
a coalition of well-known human rights organizations
stated that most of the groups engaged in violence in the
streets -- including those that burned an opposition
coalition headquarters on the day of the Jean
Dominique's funeral -- claim to be acting in your name.

It would be helpful if you would publicly repudiate the
acts of violence which are being committed in your
name and call on President Preval to instruct the
Haitian National Police to arrest those who are
organizing the street violence that is disrupting
these elections.

Mr. Former President, Haiti stands at a watershed.
In order for Haiti to remain in the community of
democracies, the May 21st elections have to
be held on time and to acceptable international

Our hopes and prayers will be with the long-suffering
Haitian people for these elections to be peaceful, well
organized, and free of intimidation and fraud.