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#3628: Vodou Questions (fwd)

From: qret6394 <pharris@ou.edu>

I am trying to find imfromation on the diffferent Ogou Lwa,
Ogou Badagris
Ogou Batala
Ogou Shango
Ogou Balindjo
Ogou Feraille
Ogou Panama
Ogou Ge Rouge... and any others anyone knows anything about. I am
interested in finding out their characteristics, domains, and colors. I
already have superficial background information but that's about it.
 Can anyone explain to me the "washing of the head", its significance,
and does it have any similarity to the Santeria head rogations? I have
been speaking with a Mambo who tells me it is a type of intiation in
which a person goes into to the temple for several days,where other
things take place/are done to/for the person. She tells me this is a
kind of intiaition  done instead of canzo, that canzo initiation is a
part of another tradition. Can anyone shed light on this for me.