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#3639: linguistics of "mambo" : Louis replies to Grey


"Actually, my information indicates that the word "mambo" originates from 
KiKongo, and means "to sing" or "to chant."  Thus a Mambo is a singing or 
chanting woman, a woman who is singing invocations, by extension.  That is 
also why the word has come to indicate a musical form in a different cultural 

    I am so glad that you finally agree with me. The word "mambo" meaning 
singing or dancing (I take your word for it) and indicating a musical form in 
a different cultural context refers to the Latino-American dance: el Mambo!  
Vive la difference! Our distinguished linguist, Michel DeGraff , I presume, 
will be very happy too. All those words will not have been  wasted, I knew 
you could be reasonable at times.

    You might like to know that in Dahomey, our  "Manman Hounyň" is called  
"Nangbo" which means: the neophyte's mentor. I know that I am repeating 
myself but I want to emphasize that initiations to the grade of Hougan or 
Manbo belong to the Rada-Kanzo rite which origin is clearly from 

    Love and blessings to all the readers and many thanks for their patience 
(specially for Bob Corbett).

Bébé Pierre Louis