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#3650: Revised Post - Haitian Times Article on Creole Spellings (fwd)


Fellow Corbetters,

In a recent Corbett Post (#3586), Michel Degraff referred to an article 
published in the May 3-9 issue of The Haitian Times on the efforts of Fedo 
Boyer and myself toward providing computer tools for helping to write in 
standard Creole orthography.  Michel went on to suggest that either Fedo or I 
post the article to the Corbett List.

Out of respect for copyright law, I first wrote to the publisher of The 
Haitian Times to request his permission to do so.  Garry Pierre-Pierre (a 
fellow Corbetter) kindly granted that permission, but has even gone one step 

He has posted the article to The Haitian Times Site.  "Computer Company to 
Provide Standard Written Form of Creole" by Staff Reporter Brian Stevens can 
now be accessed at:


Do keep in mind that neither the journalist nor Fedo are linguists, so the 
article is written in "layman's terms", rather than in precise linguistic 

Their concern for more standardization of the spellings is not a call for a 
new law; rather for more uniform adherence to the Orthography Law of 1979.


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